Aggregator of SMEs and Small Sized Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Bagsim Investment Platform offers investors a gateway to pre-vetted small and medium companies (SMEs) and project opportunities with SMEs in the sub-Saharan Africa region. Traditionally due to the high information barriers, many small-sized companies and project developers in sub-Saharan Africa have found it difficult connecting with investors and vice-versa. Not anymore. Now you can access private investment opportunities with small-sized companies anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa with a click of a button. In addition, supports business development through research reports and information on the latest projects and companies from across the sub-Saharan Africa region.

Review offerings and documents

No registration is needed to browse projects andcompanies. You have access to project and company summaries available to you based on your search criteria.

Pinpoint investment or advisory opportunity and act
When you find a project or company you like,register online. You get additional benefits including saving your company or project searches which can be reviewed online at any time after you have registered. You can upgrade your account to get additional information and download the Bagsim.comproject summary or print it. You have direct access to our team of Investor Relations Associates who are available to answer any questions you have.
Submit an interest in a project or company

Receive detailed project documents, research material & schedule due diligence. Once you decide you want to proceed further, we can provide you with additional company or project documentation, schedule meetings with the management team, and support you throughout the due diligence process.

How We Add Value & Attempt to Reduce Risk

Reduce costs

We reduce the business development costs for our clients by aggregating information about the companies into a single platform.


Local market expertise - organize and lead discussions with key stakeholders, introduce key local business and government counterparts.

Customer service

We want to help in any way we can to educate you on your project or company of interest. Our Investor Relations Associates are available to talk to you about your area of interest.

Market Research

Provide company, sector and market level research

Due Diligence

Provide support during due diligence process


Provide advice regarding investment climate, local regulations and licensing requirements

Access to pre-vetted companies and projects

All the companies and projects listed on our platform have been pre-screened. Our screening process may include any of the following: in-depth interviews with the management team, a company or project site visit, and review of business plan.